Chimney Caps

Missing mortar between your bricks or moisture in your attic area? Perhaps the faces on your brick appear to be flaking off. This is strictly a moisture problem. And can be remedied with the installation of a stainless steel raincap. You see without a raincap, your chimney is just like an open bucket. It takes in the total annual rainfall on the inside of your chimney, in turn your chimney becomes wet, then soaked and the freeze and thaw cycles begin doing extensive damage to your chimney. This can all be remedied with the installation of our raincaps. We can design a cap that covers the whole top area of the chimney or install one that covers just the flue. In addition all caps are equipped with a 3/4″ screen to prevent any animals, birds or leaves to enter the chimney.

Chimney Inspection

From time to time we have customers who have concerns about the inside of the chimney. The outside may look fine but the inside may have endured some stress from the cold, lightning strikes or flue fires. The inside is commonly lined with terra cotta flue tile which at times can be fragile and not withstand certain stresses which subjects it to cracking. It is here we can employ the use of a chimney camera to veiw the inside.

Chimney Liners

Experiencing stains along the length of the chimney? Wall paper peeling? This is most likely due to condensation occurring from a newly installed high efficient furnace. A great way to correct this problem and restore a chimney without tearing it down and rebuilding it is to reline it with a Stainless steel chimney liner directly connected to the appliance and make necessary external repairs. Ace Chimney Cleaning has extensive experience in this area also. We have installed over 3000 chimney liners in our 25 year tenure. Most Liner jobs can be done at a fraction the cost of rebuilding.

Chimney Repair

Missing mortar between your bricks? Loose bricks? Brick faces flaking off? Again this is strictly water damage. Before a raincap or liner is installed, an inspection of the top of the chimney is in order. This area is called the crown. The crown is subject to wear and tear from the elements such as ice, wind and rain. Once the crowns cracks, this allows an avenue for water to enter, then saturates the chimney and the freeze/thaw cycles start and wreak havoc. All chimneys wear from the top down. Once the crown is repaired and loose bricks are repaired, we can then point any bad sections of the chimney. Again we have extensive experience in this area.

Chimney Sweeping

Often times we are asked how we clean a chimney. In short we basically wire brush and scrub the inside of the flue. First we find a brush that fits the exact size of the flue. Then we proceed to “scrub” the inside of the flue with the wire brush connected to interlocked fiberglass poles. Once this process is complete, most or all of the soot and debris has fallen to the bottom of the chimney. At that point we either shovel or vacuum out all the debris. The average cleaning job takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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